Showdown: Transportation from Madison to Mitchell Airport

Airport Transportation: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

When you’re traveling the 90 minutes from Madison to Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport, you have several transportation options to get you from point A to point B. You could hire a cab, rent a limo, or arrange your own transportation by driving your car or having a loved one drop you off. When you factor in the cost of gas and parking and other qualities like reliability, convenience, and comfort, it’s pretty clear that these three options are not equal.

7 Hotel Facts That You Need to Know

Milwaukee Limo Comfort

When you’re at home, you have a certain element of familiarity. You know you have to hold the handle of the toilet down for an extra few seconds in the upstairs bathroom, you know which room has poor ventilation, and you know which light fixture has bad wiring that makes the light  go on and off sporadically.

When you’re at a hotel, that familiar knowledge is gone.

Can You Afford an Airport Shuttle to Madison, WI?

Limos Save Time and Money

Psst—wanna hear a secret? Hiring the shuttle services of a reliable limo company to take you to or from the airport to Madison is probably one of the best things you can do for your business trip. As an added bonus, it probably costs less than you think.

Well you may be surprised to learn that when you take certain factors into account, limo service is very affordable.

9 Qualities that Make A Great Entrepreneur

Great Entrepreneurs Don’t Let Milwaukee Car Service Go to Their Heads!

Being a successful entrepreneur means more than just launching a lucrative business. It also means acknowledging the people and factors that made you successful in the first place, and remembering that although you may now ride in a limo instead of taking a cab, your luxurious surroundings put you in a position to help other people, rather than separate yourself from them.

Hotel Managers Give 5 Great Executive Travel Tips

Get Advice from the Real Pros

Every trip you plan has the potential to be either a dream or a nightmare. The more experience you have with coordinating corporate and personal travel, the more likely your executives are to enjoy smooth trips, but there are always tips and tricks to make any business travel better. The best place to get this advice is from someone who really knows the industry, and that’s why these five tips from a hotel manager might be exactly what you need to save money next time you coordinate a business trip.

Step up the Romance with 5 Great Madison Dates

Make Her Swoon with a Limo

You don’t have to wait for romantic holidays or anniversaries to do something fun with that special someone. Every day can be Valentine’s Day with these sweet and sexy date ideas, and you can make everything even more special by reserving a Madison limousine for the big day. There is something here for everyone, from the sophisticate to the free spirit.

7 Ways to Ring in the New Year Milwaukee Style

Check These Hot Parties and Welcome 2013

Milwaukee is a diverse city with a thriving nightlife and sports scene, which makes for some pretty unique New Years celebrations each year. If you’re looking for something a little different for the big ball drop, take a look at these fun and maybe unusual possibilities. You’ll find something for absolutely everyone, from family festivities to downright crazy, so check out these Milwaukee New Years 2013 parties.

7 Tips for Flying Through Airport Security

Tricks for Speedy Screening

No matter how many times per year you fly, the security gates will always be a hassle. Even if you use a Milwaukee airport car service to travel to and from the airport, the screening process inside can be exhausting. We understand that it may be necessary for our safety, but that doesn’t make it any more fun.

6 Awesome Ideas for Your Holiday Office Party

Give Your Employees the Gift of Milwaukee Chauffeur Service

The year is coming to a close, your annual holiday office party draws near, and you want your employees to have some fun and celebrate all the hard work that has gone into the last eleven months. Are you stuck on how to celebrate? Rest easy, gentle blog readers. Whether you decide to hold it at a reception hall or at the office itself, there are several ways to make the party a memorable one.

6 Products for Comfortable Air Travel

Limo Service to Milwaukee Airport Isn’t Your Only Option for Comfortable Travel

“It’s absolutely possible to enjoy your journey, not just your destination.” So says Brad John, one of the founders of travel boutique Flight 001. How does a nightmarish cocktail of uncomfortable seats, variously too-hot or too-cold cabin temperatures, and the requisite bob and weave through a crowd of travelers who walk too slow become enjoyable?