In an ideal world, everyone’s a great boss and a fantastic leader to their team; the employees are hard-working, conflict-free, creative enough to come up with great solutions but not “too creative” to overshadow their managers. Teams collaborate perfectly, and there’s never a clash between collective and individual interest. Business trips run smoothly, and everyone’s a time management king. No one ever gets annoyed, and everyone always manages to put their personal issues aside. People eat healthy, exercise, and have a life after work… and, the entire firm earns enough to holiday at Bora Bora. Yea, right. In a blog, maybe – in reality, things are more complicated than that.

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Holidays & The Business Atmosphere

The Business Atmosphere - 3 Ways to Stay a Good Boss

The holiday season may be the jolliest time of year for the shoppers, digital pariahs (prim.prev. all those who have decided to abandon the in-front-of-the-screen life and build their careers elsewhere), and the innocent. However, for the rest of us – the pressure is on! The clients get more demanding, there are too many tasks to complete before the clock strikes 12 on December 31st, all bills need to be settled, and top management is there to remind us of it all. On top of that, your workforce is getting overworked, anxious, and too happy to leave the office at the end of the day. So, what do you do? You snap. And you don’t just snap anywhere – you snap where you shouldn’t, with the people who don’t deserve it.

If you’ve been everyone’s favorite manager up till now, and you are finding yourself cracking under pressure, here are top 3 ways to help you stay a great boss and a more effective manager:

Watch What You Say

Often, this is easier said than done, but – if you want to stay respected and loved, you’ve got to mind your tongue. Don’t be too quick to react, or brand something wrong before double-checking it. There’s no need to verbally bully anyone or put someone down – even if they make a mistake. Mistakes happen, you make them, too. Being rude in communicating with your employees won’t get them to work faster or better – it’ll only frustrate them and get them to start updating their resumes.

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Find a Way to Blow off Some Steam

Blow off Some Steam - 3 Ways to Stay a Good Boss

You may be a great manager for the company, but are you a great leader to your people? Every manager has the task to mind the company’s resources, save money while getting double the work done. Such a responsibility sometimes feels impossible to bear, and it often leads to snapping – and usually at people you shouldn’t be snapping at. So, to stay sane for both yourself and your team, find a way to blow off some steam outside of work and eliminate as much stress as possible:

Here are some suggestions:

  • Get together with friends/your partner/family more often. You don’t have to go out if you are too tired – a house chill is excellent, also. Cook or order in, put your favorite TV show on, cozy up and re-charge
  • Hire help to clean your house. A cleaning lady that comes in regularly will help you save both time and nerves – you’ll get more sleep and stop worrying about your flat being a rat’s nest (and you never having the time to clean it)
  • Don’t be available on weekends. Yes, you are a manager, but you also need your time off. If it’s impossible not to be available on weekends, then set a time in the day after which you shut off your phone are become unavailable
  • *Book a limo to take you to work and back (or around). Waking up 3 hours early to get to work on time, getting through terrible traffic jams, dealing with people’s neurosis on the road, finding parking, etc. … is it really worth the stress? AJ Prestige offers corporate sedan services to business people who want their rides handled professionally and stylishly. You can also choose point to point, or by the hour service, if more convenient. Even if you need your partners picked up from the airport, a ride to and back from the airport for yourself – AJ is here for you. Just think of the time and nerves you’d save!

There are plenty of other things you can adopt as stress-relievers, other than the ones listed above. Consider this: The more rested you are, the better you’ll be to your people, the more productive will everyone be.

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Don’t Be Vain

Don’t Be Vain - 3 Ways to Stay a Good Boss

Years in top management do wonders to people – they usually turn them into arrogant, insensitive and horrible individuals  who forget where they came from. Don’t be that person. If you are being insensitive or too harsh, and someone points it out, don’t retaliate but listen. After all, your employees are on the other side of things, and if they feel like they no longer have an ally in you but an enemy, they’ll be unhappy, and leave. So, accept constructive criticism from your people and learn from it.

If you are running a smaller firm, you can organize either a 1 on 1 with your employees to hear them out or put up a complaint box where your employees are free to give feedback on your management skills, no repercussions. No one’s saying it’s going to be easy hearing what an as*hole you’ve been on a few occasions, but at least you’ll learn from your mistakes and keep being everyone’s favorite leader.
Everyone gets tired, makes mistakes, feels like quitting, or burning the place down. And that’s fine (well, not the last one, though). Still, when you are managing a team, finding the middle ground is key.

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