Give Your Employees the Gift of Milwaukee Chauffeur Service

The year is coming to a close, your annual holiday office party draws near, and you want your employees to have some fun and celebrate all the hard work that has gone into the last eleven months. Are you stuck on how to celebrate? Rest easy, gentle blog readers. Whether you decide to hold it at a reception hall or at the office itself, there are several ways to make the party a memorable one. Here are some tips to add extra punch to your holiday festivities:

1.) Make It a Themed Party

Theme ideas for the party include era-specific costumes (like 70s or 80s), movie or TV character costumes, or holiday apparel, like festive hats or holiday sweaters. You could even do a combination of the two and suggest people come dressed up as their favorite character from a holiday special, like Ralphie Parker from A Christmas Story or Charlie Brown from the Peanuts Christmas special. Take a staff picture to display in the office somewhere or on one of your company’s social media sites.

2.) Have a Limo Pick Up Your Employees

A limo ride will set a festive tone for the evening. Your employees will get to chat, joke and relax as the limo drives them to the party location. Arrange for the group to meet at a certain spot for limo-pick up, and when everyone is inside, they can have a grand old time interacting with each other in a non-work environment.

3.) Arrange for Safe Return Transportation

You may want to provide a range of seasonal beverages—both alcoholic and otherwise, like hard cider and spiked eggnog and their alcohol-free alternatives—but if you do, make sure you arrange for your employees’ safe returns home. If you opt for a limo ride from a pick-up point to the party venue, make sure that employees arrange for a designated driver to take them home once you return to the pick-up point after the party is over (or if your company is relatively small, you could have the limo drop them off at their homes individually.)

4.) Play Some Music

The sky’s the limit with this one. Depending on your budget, you could hire a DJ to keep things lively during the party. To make the music selection a little more personalized, have everyone e-mail you an mp3 file of their favorite tunes and build a playlist for the party. If someone in your company is musically gifted, you can always ask them to perform as well. It’ll be a nice way for the other employees to see a different side of their co-worker who buzzes busily around the office by day and serenades his or her audiences by night.

5.) Hold a Gift Exchange

Also known as the “yankee swap,” this game is commonly played at group holiday gatherings. Have each employee bring a small gift for the gift pool. Players then take turn selecting gifts by either choosing from the collection of wrapped presents or stealing the previous player’s opened gift. The first player kicks things off by selecting and opening a gift, and afterwards the second player may either steal that opened gift or choose one of the unwrapped presents to open. The game continues thusly until everyone has had a turn, at which point the first player is allowed their turn for stealing a gift.

6.) …or A Food Exchange

Ask everyone to bring a seasonal treat or dessert to share with the other partygoers. At the end of the night, each employee can have a goodie bag to bring home with them. It’s probably best not to make a game out of this one—people can get possessive over their food fairly quickly, and holiday-induced fights are probably better left for family gatherings.