Great Entrepreneurs Don’t Let Milwaukee Car Service Go to Their Heads!

Being a successful entrepreneur means more than just launching a lucrative business. It also means acknowledging the people and factors that made you successful in the first place, and remembering that although you may now ride in a limo instead of taking a cab, your luxurious surroundings put you in a position to help other people, rather than separate yourself from them.

Business expert Jeff Hadden recently contributed an editorial to Inc. outlining what the best entrepreneurs do, and naturally, hard work factors into his equation, but qualities like empathy, humility, and generosity are key as well. Here are the nine qualities of a truly great entrepreneur:

1.) They emphasize group success

Just like the saying goes, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.'” The best teams have people who realize this and set aside their personal achievements for the group’s success. Entrepreneurs can instill this attitude in their employees by emphasizing that success is defined by how well the group performs.

2.) They experiment with new things

Good entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to experiment and they embrace novelty. While seeking the excitement of new experiences can add variety, Dr. Robert Cloninger also notes it can lead to a creative spark. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to try doing things a little differently and take a new path with your approach to business.

3.) They don’t separate “work” and “life”

While this quality sounds a little daunting, what it means is that entrepreneurs are so passionate about what they do that they find ways to bring their hobbies and interests into their career. Their business is their life, and they enjoy their life to the fullest—it isn’t a bad thing that there’s no such thing as a “work/life balance” to them.

4.) They can identify with other people

Every business is about fulfilling a need. To do that, the entrepreneur has to identify with the person who has the need. Not only that, they also need to identify with their employees and provide the support and guidance they require so that the team operates at its optimal level. The entrepreneur is the consummate people person.

5.) They want to prove themselves to themselves

Entrepreneurs are the ultimate self-starters. They aim to prove to themselves just how much they can do. As Hadden writes to his entrepreneur audience, “True drive, commitment, and dedication springs from a desire to prove something to the most important person of all. You.”

6.) 40 hours is nothing to them

Entrepreneurial success stems from their willingness to work harder than just about everybody else. They both work smart and work hard, leading them to dominate all their competitors. And since work and life are so closely intertwined, it doesn’t feel like work to them at all—it’s just another wonderful day.

7.) Money isn’t for personal use

Good entrepreneurs don’t spend their money on lavish items. Instead they funnel it back into the business, use it to help their employees expand their skills or donate to the community in some way.

8.) They don’t have large egos

Being arrogant is not a quality that gets people far in life, and this is especially true of entrepreneurs. They don’t think they’re inherently better than others, and they acknowledge that their success resulted from certain qualities they’ve cultivated, like persistence and strength of will.

9.) They act with dignity

Treating people with the respect they deserve is what separates a good entrepreneur from a great one. They recognize how their employees have supported them, and they acknowledge that support accordingly by treating them how they would like to be treated.