Every successful businessman/woman should be aware that it’s important to know how to organize a party for the employees because they are the heart of every company. Their happiness in the workplace equals more motivated and hard-working individuals that help to grow business even more.

If you’re one of the business people who’s eager to make the employees satisfied and happy, you’re probably already planning to organize a fun Christmas party in order to show them your appreciation and gratitude for their hard work. 

With so much stuff on your plate during the holidays, organizing a party may seem overwhelming. No matter if it’s your first corporate party or 100th, it’s still stressful and requires a lot of time, phone calls, and planning. 

That’s why the following AJ Prestige’s list may be a useful way to organize and prioritize everything in order to have the party planning go as smoothly as possible. 

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Let’s dive in!

1. Decide the Date and Time

Having in mind employees’ vacations and schedules, set the date of the party that will be good for everyone (or at least the majority). You don’t necessarily need to organize it before or around Christmas if not everyone is going to be there. The beginning or middle of January is also an excellent period that won’t feel off, but that will be less stressful so that everyone can relax and enjoy. 

Also, it’s important to know if you want the party to take place after work, on weekends or maybe even during the working hours.

2. Think About What Kind of Party You Want to Throw

Dinner Party - Organize a Perfect Holiday Party

Do your employees prefer formal parties or casual gatherings that include some sort of group activities? Why not take a survey and hear out the people you’re throwing the party for?

There are plenty of options when it comes to location and the type of party. You can take your employees to a nearby restaurant, organize everything at work, or plan out an outdoor or indoor activity that everyone will enjoy (escape room, darts, ice skating, etc.). 

Think about the budget, the time you have, and your employees’ preferences to throw the best corporate Xmas party ever.

3. Send the Invitations

In order to reach all employees, notifying them about the party by word of mouth won’t be the most efficient way to let everyone know you’re organizing one. The best solution would be to print out the invitations or simply send a group email informing them about the time, place, and dress-code (if there’s any). 

You can also ask for their response in order to know how many people are coming so that you can organize everything more precisely and efficiently.

4. Take Care of Corporate Transportation

If you decide to organize a party outside the offices, make sure to provide the best possible black car service in Madison. Your employees deserve to arrive at the party in comfort and style, and the best way to enable that is to rely on AJ Prestige. The best black car company in the area will pick your employees up and safely transport them to the venue of the party. 

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However, when wanting to book multiple chauffeured vehicles for the ultimate comfort, opt for the elegant executive sedans or even powerful SUVs for any transportation-related need you may have.

5. Think About the Menu

Coming up with a nice menu and finding an excellent cook or restaurant can be tricky, especially if you have vegans and vegetarians in the team or religious people that can’t eat everything. Make sure you know your employees’ taste and preferences before choosing the menu.

Other than being delicious, the food needs to be suitable for everyone, as well as drinks. Decide if you want to serve alcohol or not and order everything according to that.

Nevertheless, when organizing a party in a restaurant, this is much easier to pull off because everyone can order individually, and everyone’s requirements will be met.

6. Decorate the Place!

Wherever you decide to organize your corporate party, don’t forget that decoration can help a lot and create a friendlier, warmer atmosphere that your employees will appreciate. 

AJ Prestige’s friendly tip: Other than getting them in the holiday mood with sparkling lights, balloons, ornaments, and Xmas/party hats, you can surprise your employees by getting the pictures from team buildings or other parties developed and displayed in the venue/company/restaurant. This will bring up many good memories and help create new ones!

7. Secret Santa? Why Not?!

Secret Santa - Organize a Perfect Holiday Party

No one is too old for this long-lasting tradition because, let’s admit it, everyone likes getting presents. Ask your employees who wants to participate, organize the draw a few days before the party, and limit the budget so that everyone’s equal. This will be a perfect opportunity to have your employees become even closer friends and get to know one another better. 

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