It’s no secret that business trips usually cost an arm and a leg. Considering that not every business can splurge on luxurious travel arrangements, especially nowadays, it’s very important to know some tricks and tips on how to save money on your corporate trip. 

While some aspects shouldn’t be compromised (such as comfort and safety), there are some things that you can do to make sure you’re traveling smart and saving some coins. 

Check them out!

Plan Ahead

The secret to successful money saving is to plan in advance every expense you’re going to have. This is the best opportunity to figure out where you can cut back and where you’ll have some space to splurge. 

Set a budget that fits your company, and try not to go over it while planning your transportation, accommodation, and food. Of course, it will be more challenging if you’re traveling with other colleagues and employees, but if you’re traveling alone, it should be much easier.

You can try consulting a travel manager and have him/her advise you on where you could save without compromising your comfort or productivity. However, you will most likely do a fantastic job by yourself if you decide to rely on this AJ Limo Prestige’s simple guide on how to save money on business travels

Saving Money on Air Travel

Find your flight

If you need to save a significant amount of money, start with your plane ticket. You can actually save hundreds of dollars if you’re willing to search for flexible dates when purchasing the ticket. Also, you should consider avoiding business class and choose to travel in economy class because there’s a significant difference in pricing, as you can imagine. So, the best thing to do is to check out the flexible dates and choose the most affordable one.

However, some meetings have an already established date and time that can’t be changed. In those cases, try to purchase the ticket as soon as possible, and look on various platforms that compare flight prices and choose the best option.

Travel light

It’s a known fact that traveling with a carry-on only can save a lot of money. Whenever it’s possible, pack lightly and make sure to respect the weight limit of the airline company you’re flying with. If you happen to be flying with a company that charges not only the checked luggage but also the carry-on, consider using only your “personal item” to pack (smaller backpack or a laptop bag).

How to Save Money on Ground Transportation

Avoiding going to the airport with your own car is completely normal, considering that you’ll have to leave it on the parking lot, unsupervised. By leaving the car there, you’re risking having it stolen. That’s why you need a reliable black car company for airport transportation close to you. Do you live in Madison and the nearby area? Let AJ Prestige be your reliable travel companion and organize a comfy and safe airport shuttle service, no matter if you’re traveling alone or in a group.

Whether you’re traveling from Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago airport, rely on the best limousine company in the vicinity. AJ Prestige will provide punctual, comfortable, and elegant chauffeured car rides to the airport whenever you need them, without breaking the bank. Even though the fleet features only the most luxurious and stylish vehicles, with us, rates are always affordable.

Other than top-notch airport transfers, this team offers other incredible ground transportation services such as executive car rides Madison, point to point as well as hourly limo rides. The last service is an amazing choice if your business trip doesn’t require flying. Relax and enjoy every second of your business trip on the back seat of AJ Prestige’s fabulous sedans, limos, SUVs, and vans.

Affordable Accommodation

Depending on the number of days/nights you’re going to spend on your business trip, try to plan ahead how much money you can spend on your accommodation. It’s true that staying in a five-star, lux hotel is a dream come true. However, you should be ready to make some compromise if your trip will last for more than two days, or if you’re traveling in a group of people and need to book more than one room. 

Do your research on the prices and read reviews of the hotels, hostels or motels that seem appropriate. Make sleeping arrangements with your team and see if they’re ready to share a room with a colleague. You can also look for accommodation that’s in the suburbs if there’s a good commute that will take you to the place of your meeting, conference or training.

Cut Down on Food Expenses

When traveling to an expensive city, consider booking the room together with breakfast because it’s usually cheaper to eat in the hotel where you’re staying than in a restaurant. As far as lunch is concerned, you can always find restaurants near business districts that have various affordable lunch offers for the employees. Do research on that as well before your trip, and know which places serve wallet-friendly yet tasty meals. 

Are you going to have a lot of free time between meetings while on a business trip? Well, consider booking an apartment with a kitchen where you can prepare food together with your employees. A nice way of turning the trip into a team building, right? 

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