At AJ Prestige, we do understand that a luxury limousine service will display the value of a first impression. There’s a reason why the word prestige is part of our company name. Webster’s Dictionary (2013) defines prestige as the standing or estimation others have of someone, or having a commanding position in people’s minds. Prestige telegraphs influence. The old adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is more than just a cliché. Did you know that it takes just 7 seconds for someone to form their first impression? Whether it is a first impression of an individual or a business, those seconds matter. In those crucial first 7 seconds, clients are already deciding if they will do business with a company; in fact, studies have shown that first impressions are based on about 93% of non-verbal cues. The way we look and our body language communicate these vital first impressions to others, and quite often we are unaware of these non-verbal signals.

Imagine arranging corporate sedan service for that all-important business gathering, or looking forward to a special night on the town, and up drives a sleek town car or stretch limousine; what would be your first impressions? Even more, what would the first impressions of others be? Whether in a corporate or a social setting, here are AJ Prestige’s ABC’s of making a great first impression.  

Always mind the clock and be on time. Nothing makes more of a bad first impression than being late. Being on time seems simple enough, but at times it can seem to be a lost art. In business, time is money, and being late can mean a lost sale. In a social setting, who wants to be late for the prom? At AJ Prestige, we value your time so much that we make a commitment to our clients to be on time or our limo service is free.

Be sure to check the mirror. Let’s face it; our first impression will most likely be a visual one. Presenting a favorable first impression also hinges on our appearance. A professional, polished look communicates confidence and credibility, and it tells others that you pay attention to the details. Our attention to detail makes AJ Prestige standout among other area luxury limo services. From providing a fresh copy of the daily news to bottled water and ice, no detail is too small for our chauffeurs to attend to. Our drivers pride themselves on their professional appearance as well as the appearance of our fleet of vehicles. When you step into one of our town cars, SUV’s, or stretch limos, you will be impressed at the quality and cleanliness. When is the last time you could say that about a cab service?

Courtesy never goes out of style. Sometimes the simplest of approaches goes a very long way in making a very favorable first impression. It is amazing just how much a sincere thank you can mean to someone. The expert and professional chauffeurs at AJ Prestige are courteous and sincere and want you to know just how important you are to us. Luxury limousine service does communicate an air of respect and we understand that our clients deserve to be treated as respectfully as possible.

At AJ Prestige, we pride ourselves in knowing just how important and powerful first impressions can be. When you hire a limo service, whether it is a corporate travel need, or a night on the town, you want the service to be on time, to look professional, and you want to be treated with courtesy. We know that if our drivers are on time, and our cars and drivers look professional, and treat you courteously, no matter what the setting, you will also make a great first impression.

There are so many opportunities to make that grand entrance or make that invaluable first impression. If you are looking for a prestige limo service in Madison, Milwaukee, or South Central Wisconsin, call AJ Prestige; we want to help you make a boundless first impression that will be remembered.

Call AJ Prestige today to see how we can be of service to you to make that memorable first impression. For Madison limo services call us at 608-338-5800. In Milwaukee, contact us at 414-376-6868.

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