What Sets the Chauffeur Apart

Though some people may assume that “chauffeur” is simply a more formal term for “driver,” the two occupations are actually quite different. A driver does exactly what their title suggests:  they transport customers from one destination to another. Driving is their main priority. A chauffeur, on the other hand, is a customer service professional, a road safety expert, and a transportation specialist all rolled into one. Their services go above and beyond that of a driver: they make your trip truly enjoyable by being your source not only for comfort but also for useful information that will help you navigate the city as they transport you via limo.

Historically, the roles of chauffeurs have always involved more than driving: dating back to the introduction of motor vehicles, the chauffeur has been the person charged not only with transporting others and maintaining the vehicle’s operation but also with ensuring their comfort during the trip. The earliest vehicle owners were wealthy families who hired servants and other auxiliary staff, and usually the chauffeur was the one assuming the serving duties when he drove the family from place to place.

That tradition of service continues today and underscores the major factor explaining the difference between a chauffeur and a driver. Bot more specifically, there are four key ways that separate drivers and chauffeurs:

1.) Services Rendered

Chauffeurs are trained to be intuitive and provide what the customer needs without ever being asked. They are well-attuned to their clients’ needs, whether those needs involve getting oriented to unfamiliar settings or seeking some quiet and relief from the stresses of air travel. Hence the chauffeur’s accommodating gestures of taking your bags for you right before you step into the vehicle or offering you a beverage to drink once you’re settled in; and their expert knowledge for answering all your questions about the best that the city has to offer. Whatever you need, your chauffeur will gladly supply.

2.) Image

Chauffeurs know that image is key to their clients’ success. That’s why their own image is neat and well-groomed.  As a professional, you need someone who will embellish your appearance as a successful executive. Chauffeurs are required to do so through their impeccable dress and appearance; drivers, on the other hand, are not.

3.) Attention to Detail

Besides providing excellent customer service and presenting themselves in a professional manner, chauffeurs also take into account factors that drivers don’t, like staying up-to-date on defensive driving techniques and eco-friendly driving practices, as well as honoring non-disclosure agreements. Maintaining client privacy is a tenet of the consummate chauffeur service, and thus any confidential information that may be revealed during your time with a chauffeur will never leave the vehicle. Riding in a taxi cab does not carry the same guarantee.

4.) Familiarity with the City

A chauffeur has an expansive knowledge of the city, both in terms of the streets and the businesses that would be of interest to you. Not only will they be aware of the best routes to take when they bring you to your destination, they will also serve as your guide for the top spots in the city and readily offer recommendations for dining and entertainment based on your personal preferences.

All in all, a driver is appropriate for individuals who are only looking to get the job done; a chauffeur, in contrast, is appropriate for visitors who want to get a little more out of their traveling experience. Unlike drivers, chauffeurs wear multiple hats at once, and their dedication to assisting their customers is the cornerstone of their quality service. So for the optimal traveling experience, hire a chauffeur—not just a driver—to guide you along your way.


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