7 Hotel Facts That You Need to Know

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When you’re at home, you have a certain element of familiarity. You know you have to hold the handle of the toilet down for an extra few seconds in the upstairs bathroom, you know which room has poor ventilation, and you know which light fixture has bad wiring that makes the light  go on and off sporadically.

When you’re at a hotel, that familiar knowledge is gone.

Hotel Managers Give 5 Great Executive Travel Tips

Get Advice from the Real Pros

Every trip you plan has the potential to be either a dream or a nightmare. The more experience you have with coordinating corporate and personal travel, the more likely your executives are to enjoy smooth trips, but there are always tips and tricks to make any business travel better. The best place to get this advice is from someone who really knows the industry, and that’s why these five tips from a hotel manager might be exactly what you need to save money next time you coordinate a business trip.