Madison Limo Service Myth Busters: Top 5 Limousine Service Myths

Are you thinking about hiring a limousine service near Madison or Milwaukee area, but have trouble putting those nagging doubts about the luxury transportation business to bed? Well, here come Mythbusters of AJ Prestige, ready to help you put an end to all the crazy ideas that people have about limo service!

Madison Limousine Rentals for Epic’s 2013 Users’ Group Meeting

This year’s Users’ Group Meeting (UGM) promises to be truly “Epic”. The three day event will be held September 16th – 19th in Verona, Wisconsin and complete registration details and reservation information can be found on the event website.

This meeting of the minds is an anticipated annual event. The yearly presentation of groundbreaking new technology and innovative lectures is a time to both mark new accomplishments and assist in setting future goals for the health care industry.

The 5 Best Madison Restaurants for Business Dinners With Clients

Dine Well in Madison

Madison has established itself as a major influence in the restaurant industry, and it has the delicious fine dining options to prove it. Between the region’s unique flavors and the local chefs’ attention to detail, your clients are sure to find something they’ll love.

There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from, and this list could go on and on.

The 3 Keys to Productivity for Road Warriors

Working During Executive Travel

If you’re an executive road warrior, blazing through airport terminals and stepping in and out of corporate sedan service with ease, you know the importance of staying productive in a variety of atmospheres under pressure. Productivity on the go is often an elusive concept for those who are new to the road warrior lifestyle, and finding your perfect balance between getting enough sleep, eating enough food, and being productive enough in your professional life can be difficult.

Step up the Romance with 5 Great Madison Dates

Make Her Swoon with a Limo

You don’t have to wait for romantic holidays or anniversaries to do something fun with that special someone. Every day can be Valentine’s Day with these sweet and sexy date ideas, and you can make everything even more special by reserving a Madison limousine for the big day. There is something here for everyone, from the sophisticate to the free spirit.

5.5 Ways to Battle Travel Trauma

Booking a Madison Chauffeur Service is Just the Beginning!

The Mechanics of Engineering an Enjoyable, Stress-free Trip

Have you ever met someone who loves the moments when they find out that they forgot to pack a toiletry item? Or a person who relishes those situations where they rush to make their connection only to learn that the flight has been delayed by three hours?

Madison Chauffeur Service: Why You’re Not Just Hiring a Driver

What Sets the Chauffeur Apart

Though some people may assume that “chauffeur” is simply a more formal term for “driver,” the two occupations are actually quite different. A driver does exactly what their title suggests:  they transport customers from one destination to another. Driving is their main priority. A chauffeur, on the other hand, is a customer service professional, a road safety expert, and a transportation specialist all rolled into one.