Madison Limos and Leadership: Standing at the Head of the Class

Madison limo services and leadership go hand in hand when AJ Prestige can provide you, the busy executive, with ways to stand out and be the best in your field. According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (2013), a leader is a guiding or directing head or a person who has commanding authority or influence. This implies being out ahead of the group, and going where others have not gone.

The 5 Reasons You Need Limo Service From Milwaukee to O’Hare

Smart Travel for Executives

For Milwaukee’s busiest executives, the trip down to Chicago’s O’Hare airport is all too familiar of a trek. Coming in at around 100 minutes in the best traffic conditions, it can be a drag and a drain on productivity. You have options besides just driving yourself, but are they more efficient or worth your time? Is it even cheaper to drive a personal vehicle when you calcuate the time loss and costs of long-term parking at the airport?