Smart Travel for Executives

For Milwaukee’s busiest executives, the trip down to Chicago’s O’Hare airport is all too familiar of a trek. Coming in at around 100 minutes in the best traffic conditions, it can be a drag and a drain on productivity. You have options besides just driving yourself, but are they more efficient or worth your time? Is it even cheaper to drive a personal vehicle when you calcuate the time loss and costs of long-term parking at the airport? We’ll examine some of the reasons luxury sedan or limo service from Milwaukee to O’Hare could be your best bet:

1. You Don’t Need to Deal With Logistics:

Most executives heading out for a week-long conference or meetings with associates have enough to worry about without having to think about logistics. Will you hit rush hour traffic on I-94? Will there be space available in long-term parking, and how long will it take you to walk to the terminal? Many business travelers have found that not having to worry about the details is just what they need: “I skip all the trepidation leading up to a trip,” states frequent flyer Taylor Kirkpatrick, who received professional assistance with logistics planning for his travels. 

2. You Can Work Uninterrupted

One factors that united executives and managers internationally is a shortage of time. Most days, just keeping up with your email account can feel like a full-time job. If you’re driving yourself to O’Hare, you’ll lose over two hours of work time when parking is accounted for. What could you accomplish in two hours? Whether it’s finally seeing that you have zero unread messages in your inbox or writing an 8-page document, taking back your time may be more valuable than you think.

3. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

What is your time worth, and how much will you really pay to drive a personal vehicle to the Chicago airport? For most CEOs and CFOs, performing cost-benefit analysis is nothing new. Apply the same metrics to your trip. The average cost of parking a vehicle in long-term lots at O’Hare is about $13. When you count parking fees and the time loss associated with the trip, will you really end up saving money at all?

4. Quality of Service Matters

You’ve worked hard enough to deserve high-quality service and all the best things in life. Why settle for anything less? Will you be staying in the city’s cheapest motel when you land for a week of business? Of course not. You deserve the same luxury, convenience and quality with your executive ground transportation. According to the New York Times, many business travelers have found that comfort and privacy are a high priority. Travelers of all ages are willing to “pay more to save time, reduce stress or hassle, or enjoy better service” concluded a major study by Atmosphere Research Group. 

5. It’s Convenient

For most business travelers, dealing with the unpredictable nature of airlines is a given component of the jetsetting lifestyle. Flight delays are all too common, especially in the winter months. Your plans can be significantly interrupted if you’re unlucky enough to experience significant delays. You can’t control weather patterns, but you can control your sedan service. No shuttle service can beat the personalized, door-to-terminal trip. There’s no extra stops – unless you request them – and your work day will be as seamless as possible. 

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