Motorcycles, Pirates, and Milwaukee Car Service

Milwaukee December Events

Will your December travels take you to Wisconsin? Do you have no idea what to do during your non-work hours? AJ Prestige has your back. There’s a huge amount of events to choose from, and we’ve picked out some of the best. Whether your non-work interests run towards motorcycles, pirates or mentalist tricks, you’re sure to find something to do when you take a break from doing business.

5.5 Ways to Battle Travel Trauma

Booking a Madison Chauffeur Service is Just the Beginning!

The Mechanics of Engineering an Enjoyable, Stress-free Trip

Have you ever met someone who loves the moments when they find out that they forgot to pack a toiletry item? Or a person who relishes those situations where they rush to make their connection only to learn that the flight has been delayed by three hours?

Seven Podcasts for Your Milwaukee Limousine Ride

Podcasts for Executive Travel

With all the travel involved in business, moments of inevitable downtime are essentially a dime a dozen. Whether you’re cruising at 32,000 feet or looking out the window of your limousine on your way to give a presentation, there are a handful of moments where you’ll find yourself looking to fill the quiet time. What can you do during these in-between moments?

The 5 Reasons You Need Limo Service From Milwaukee to O’Hare

Smart Travel for Executives

For Milwaukee’s busiest executives, the trip down to Chicago’s O’Hare airport is all too familiar of a trek. Coming in at around 100 minutes in the best traffic conditions, it can be a drag and a drain on productivity. You have options besides just driving yourself, but are they more efficient or worth your time? Is it even cheaper to drive a personal vehicle when you calcuate the time loss and costs of long-term parking at the airport?

Madison Chauffeur Service: Why You’re Not Just Hiring a Driver

What Sets the Chauffeur Apart

Though some people may assume that “chauffeur” is simply a more formal term for “driver,” the two occupations are actually quite different. A driver does exactly what their title suggests:  they transport customers from one destination to another. Driving is their main priority. A chauffeur, on the other hand, is a customer service professional, a road safety expert, and a transportation specialist all rolled into one.

Why a Confidential Milwaukee Limo Service Matters

Confidentiality and Executive Transportation

Whether you’re traveling for business and pleasure, choosing a sedan service that’s committed to keeping your personal information private is crucial. When executives make reservations with a local provider for a day of car service, they’re given access to many aspects of their personal information. Depending on the type of reservation you’ve selected, this will likely include the following:

  • Home Address and Gate Codes

  • Personal, Work or Cell Phone Numbers

  • Credit Card Information 

  • Personal Itinerary Items, Destinations and Passengers

  • Information From Personal Conversations in the Sedan

5 Reasons Savvy Execs Choose Milwaukee Limos

Milwaukee Executive Transportation FAQ

A day in the life of a busy executive in Milwaukee, Madison or Montreal is all about efficiency. You’re constantly adopting new tools and software to increase your productivity and manage your work load. If you’re leaving for a week of business, taking car service to General Mitchell Airport might not just be the most convenient option – it’s also likely the cheapest overall.

The 5 Most Devastating Milwaukee Limo Disasters

Not the Color You Pictured?

The quality of most limo service is about the same, right? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re renting luxury transportation for the first or 101st time, you want to look great and be treated like royalty. Unfortunately, due to the fact there are over 9,000 limo companies in North America alone, quality of service can vary.

The Best New Year’s Parties in Milwaukee

Ring in 2013 in Style

Even though Halloween has just passed and most of us haven’t even touched our Christmas shopping, it’s not too early to think about 2013. New Year’s eve is less than eight weeks away, and many Midwesterners have started making plans for how they’ll spend one of the most exciting evenings of the year. From sipping sophisticated cocktails at the Pfister hotel’s exclusive Blu Lounge to the biggest bash in town, NYE-MKE at the art museum, consider going with Milwaukee limo service as your ticket to a safe and exciting evening.

Where to Stay Near Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport

Executive Accommodations Near Milwaukee

If you’re traveling to Milwaukee, WI for business, there’s no shortage of outstanding accommodations, dining and activities within miles of General Mitchell airport. The 28th-largest city in the US has far more to offer visitors than beer. There’s an abundance of low-cost hotels for travelers on a tight budget, but if you’re able to spend a bit more – and expect at least a little luxury – where should you turn?