Executive Chauffeur Service in Madison: Planning and Opportunity

Did you know that the Madison area limo services provided by AJ Prestige can provide an excellent way for the corporate traveler to be better prepared to meet the next great business opportunity? Oprah Winfrey once said “luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”  Luck is not a haphazard circumstance, or a stand-alone act that just happens to someone. It can be said that luck is the place where planning and training meet up with opportunities that present themselves.

The 6 Awful Management Habits Your Team Hates

Habits That Are Driving Your Team Crazy

While it could be said that management rests on a separate level, and that it is discouraged for management to become friends with employees, there are still habits some managers might adopt that employees are not thrilled about. It is easy to fall into any one of these habits, and breaking them can also be quite difficult, but eliminating these behaviors is essential to building a productive and effective team

#1 – Micromanaging

8 Best Apps for Midwest Executive Travelers

Does your productivity suffer while you’re traveling?

Staying productive on the road is no easy task, especially if you hardly have time to relax, let alone actually accomplish anything work related. How can you maintain your efficiency and a presence in the office while on the road? What are the best apps to make corporate travel easy? We’re so glad you’ve asked, because we have just the answer.

The Benefits of Corporate Car Service in Wisconsin

Dependable, Affordable, and Available 

Finding the right corporate car service can take some time, and searching around for the one that fits all of your needs can be a daunting task. But it’s one that must be completed to ensure you get everything you need out of your ground transportation service. There are 3 major reasons you should make the effort to search for the perfect car service, and they can be quickly summarized by dependability, price, and access.

7 Effective Tips for Employee Communication

Building trusting relationships with employees

Dealing with employees can be a difficult task. With so many different personalities involved in an office setting, effective communication is key to a positive environment. Consider this list of seven communication skills that can help promote trust and foster a healthy workplace.

#1 – Body Language

Your body language during a conversation says a lot about you.

The 5 Best Madison Restaurants for Business Dinners With Clients

Dine Well in Madison

Madison has established itself as a major influence in the restaurant industry, and it has the delicious fine dining options to prove it. Between the region’s unique flavors and the local chefs’ attention to detail, your clients are sure to find something they’ll love.

There are a lot of great restaurants to choose from, and this list could go on and on.

9 Hacks for Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

Stop Working From 9 to 5 (a.m.)

We all have reasons for wanting to work a lot. Money. Success. Promotions. But to be our best at work, we need to make time to relax, too. Nothing is better than coming back to your work with a refreshed mind and less tired eyes. Here are 9 ways to do exactly that:

1.) Put Down the Smartphone

It’s easy to get caught up in checking email on your phone every five minutes.

A Crash Course in Delegation for Managers and Leaders

Delegation 101

It’s not easy to ask someone else to do your work, especially if you feel an obligation to do it all by yourself. But as an executive, you’re going to have to learn the art of delegation eventually. When you fail to delegate, projects begin to go unfinished. Task lists become unmanageable. And time management gets thrown out the window.

The 5 Best Social Networks for Executives and Managers

Expand Your Network

Social media networking is essential. There’s no way around using it, and it’s not going to fade out any time soon. Millions of people are logging on to one social media network or another and connecting with individuals and businesses. As an executive it’s in your best interest to join the social networks that will give you the best results.

5 Outstanding Organization Techniques for Executives

Improve Your Processes

Getting organized is no easy task, and it’s certainly not something that is going to happen overnight. It takes time to develop a system, will to stick to it, and effort to maintain it. There’s something to be said about the ability to multi-task and remember every single event, task, and project that needs to be completed. But for the rest of us, organization is a must.