Productivity and Limo Service to O’Hare

Driving down I-94 from Milwaukee to O’ Hare National Airport takes approximately an hour and a half. That’s 90 minutes where you’re not obligated to do anything but sit and enjoy the comfort of your car service to the airport. So with all the usual distractions eliminated, a 90-minute limo ride is the perfect opportunity for you to get a considerable amount of work done. Here is a brief list of what you can accomplish when you’re traveling to Chicago via Milwaukee limo:

1.) Clean up your email.

Limos now offer wi-fi access, which is a huge advantage for you during the times when you’re on the road for upwards of an hour. You can use this time to respond to emails or clean out your inbox—which can take a surprisingly long time if you let the inbox build up enough. Clear out the mass newsletters, unsubscribe from those updates that you never have the time to read, and skim over your old work messages to decide if they need to be kept or discarded. By the time you arrive at your destination, your inbox will be clean and streamlined.

2.) Call a business contact.

You have an hour and a half that you can devote to just focusing on communication—what you need the other person to know and what they have to tell you. It’s rare to have the opportunity where you can simply talk to a person over the phone. Usually your time is spent surfing the web or completing some other work task while you speak with the other person. A limo ride is the perfect time to give that person your undivided attention.

3.) Work on any spreadsheets or documents.

Of course, you might have work that won’t require Internet use at all. In which case, you can write up reports, update your spreadsheets, develop a Powerpoint presentation, or simply start on a rough draft for a blog or some other writing you may need to accomplish. And who knows? You might just be more productive without the wi-fi turned on.

4.) Expand your knowledge.

There are plenty of websites offering a lot of advice and news to the business executive, some of which we covered on Wednesday’s post. You can also listen to a variety of podcasts, like NPR or the Harvard Business Review Ideacast, to keep up with current events and learn the latest goings-on in the business field.

5.) Use your time and surroundings strategically.

And to help you stay focused, here are some other tips relating to staying productive on the road:

  • Carry some well-loved items with you to use.To make you feel like you’re more at home while the limo is taking you farther and farther away from your actual dwelling, have some of your favorite items on-hand to make getting work done less of a chore. It could be a nice fountain pen, or an extra-sturdy coffee mug, or some snacks to provide you with some brain power. These things will add a personal touch to the comfort of your limo ride.
  • Use the scarcity of time as a motivator. When you know you only have a certain amount of time to get things done, that knowledge can motivate you to fit as much productivity as you possibly can within that time period. Sure, you’ll have some downtime at the airport. But given everything that you’ll have to do before then—checking in, getting through security, etc.—and the distractions that come with sitting in a crowded airport terminal, it may be difficult to get work done once you arrive. Use your time of peace and quiet wisely.
  • Take advantage of the time you’re away from home. Oftentimes when you think you’re doing work at home—like when you say you’ll plan your sales campaign as you clean the house—you often do more of one than the other, if you do the other at all. Use this separation from your home environment to be productive so that your time is spent as efficiently as possible.