Even well planned business trips run the risk of causing you to forget something at the last minute. Few things are more frustrating than getting to your hotel room and seeing that you forgot a needed item.  Moreover, unlike a personal trip, you likely won’t have the flexible schedule needed to obtain an item you left behind.

Therefore, it’s prudent to have a checklist of things you’ll need to bring with you on a business trip.  We offer ten suggestions of things you’ll probably want to throw in your suitcase for your next business trip.

1)      Pens/Paper and or a Tablet Device– Technically, yes, this is three things. They all go together though, and without them you could end up being embarrassed. Imagine that you just flew into another country to visit with the heads of a newly initiated department…and you have to ask someone for a pen and notepad at the meeting. You want to show you are organized, you’re ready to take notes and you’re prepared to add something useful to the meeting.

2)      Hand Sanitizer – The only thing worse than being sick at work is being sick while working abroad. With all of the handshaking you are sure to engage in on the trip, avoid picking up something nasty by keeping your hands clean.

3)      Gum or Breath Mints – Don’t offend and embarrass yourself because of halitosis. Have fresh breath when walking into a meeting!

4)      Phone Charger – For many professionals, your entire work life can be managed through your smartphone. Don’t be caught with a dead battery. Get charged, stay charged, and stay connected.

5)      Flash Drive – Otherwise known as a USB drive or a memory stick, make sure you travel with e-copies of all relevant materials. Not just subject matter concerning the meeting, but also copies of presentations, referenced documents, or even contact lists.  You’ll never know what you may need.

6)      Business Cards – You can never carry enough of these. Slip a few dozen into your pocket and a few more in your carry-on.  Every business trip is an opportunity to expand your network.

7)      Workout Clothes – Working out in the hotel gym before a big meeting can be a wonderful stress reliever, and it can give you a major boost of confidence.  Not to mention, one early morning workout is equivalent to 5 cups of coffee, if you are looking for an extra “pep in your step.”

8)      Name Badge – Typically, the office you’re visiting will provide one for security purposes, but maintain your professional image by having one ready, just in case. It shows that you are here for business and that you always arrive prepared.

9)      Your Briefcase or Work Bag –In the midst of packing a suitcase, it can be easy to forget the bag you take to and from work each day!  You might need important materials inside the bag, and at the very least, carrying around a briefcase or business bag gives you a more professional look.

10)  A Good Book – When you travel for business, you’re going to have some down time. Avoid getting bored and slipping off your game by keeping you mind active by reading a book, or your kindle.

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